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to Jul 22 2016 Thank you John.

James told me numerous times how good the holiday was. In fact he corrected himself and said VERY good holiday. He is really looking forward to the Gold Coast trip and told me about the explanations you had given him around meals etc. which greatly relieves his anxiety.
I am really appreciative of the wonderful care and concern you and your team have for James.

Cheers Liz


Dear WOW

Compliments for your beautiful and caring capture of photographs of GT on his recent holiday. It is no easy task to take photos of G as when he sees the camera coming or the flash go off, he normally ‘shuts down and deliberately looks away to anywhere but towards the lens.  Dad and mum were suitably impressed by the natural and complimentary style photos you compiled into such a beautiful record of G's holiday.  Please know that you made my parents day when they were shown the photos and my dad could not stop looking at the photos  and so I wish to purchase 3 additional booklets please so that each of our families have a beautiful keepsake. Lindy M